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HSA Orlando
Leslie Koontz

Leslie began her diving career in 1983, attaining Instructor status in 1987. In the past 20 years, she has certified hundreds of divers, enhanced her knowledge and skills through additional training and continued involvement in the dive industry, and achieved many professional milestones. In addition to being an HSA Course Director, Leslie is an SSI Instructor Trainer and Certifier, a DAN Instructor Trainer, a PADI Master Instructor, and a React Right CPR and First Aid Instructor. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Education, an extensive corporate and academic training background, and is an Adjunct Professor with Webster University. Leslie has been with HSA since 1996 and teaches over 30 SCUBA (and related) courses.

Here at HSA Orlando, our focus is on quality instruction at all levels. We believe that continuous personal and professional growth, along with a strong desire to help others achieve their goals, is paramount to developing the best divers and instructors in the industry. Whether you are new to diving or a seasoned diving professional, we are committed to your growth and success. It is our hope that you will ask us to join you as you take the next step toward realizing your diving ambitions. We would love to share the adventure with you!

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